Recipe Nutritional Analysis

Recipe Nutritional Analysis

Recipe Nutritional Analysis service is available for companies, grocery stores, organizations, school foodservice or individuals.

Recipe Nutritional Analysis, utilizing the Nutrition Facts Food Label provides in-depth information in an easy to understand format. It provides nutritional information in a per serving layout. The analysis includes: calories, macro nutrients: carbohydrate, protein, and fat plus recipe information on trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber and more!

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Helpful Tips to Ensure the Most Accurate Analysis of your Recipe

Ingredient Information

Provide the ingredient name and exact amount using: ounces, pounds, cups, teaspoons, tablespoons or gram weight.

Do Not State
Please do not state: “handful of” or “slices” of ingredients. Provide the measurement using one of the terms listed above.
Be Precise on Types of Ingredients

Example: shredded, sliced, regular, low fat, lite, reduced fat, reduced sodium, or low sodium.

Mixture Recipes

Pizza is considered as three or four recipes requiring analysis if you are preparing your dough and sauce as homemade recipes. Call if questions.

Analysis Example

(1) Pizza dough recipe (2) Pizza sauce recipe (3) Pizza toppings (4) Analysis of the final recipe – includes your dough, sauce, toppings, and the number of servings your recipe stated. If uncertain, we can provide assistance on the yield.

Pie Recipes

Pot Pies, Shepherd’s Pie, Dessert Pies, or Quiche:

A baked pie or chilled pie is considered as two recipes for analysis if you are preparing your dough or crust as homemade instead of using a pre-made product.

Example: (1) Homemade dough or crust recipe analysis. (2) Filling ingredients analysis. Analysis of the final recipe which includes your dough or crust, and filling. Call if questions.

Complete Your Recipe Information: